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So, I'm gonna officially open up commissions again. Base price is $40, it can vary upwards depending on complexity. Just single images are preferred, not really interested in sequences. No guarantee of accepting the commission. Just send me a note with all the details. (maybe a slight discount for Overwatch girls? (justbecause(But that really depends still on what it is)))

The comic is still in the works, I'm really sorry for teasing it so long ago. I had no idea I would've been taken out of my element for so long after. So it's been on and off in development. I'm still trying to get it colored, as I think it definitely needs it. So yeah, in the meantime maybe I can get some commissions done. Thanks for being patient!


Hey! So I've been a bit tied up lately, so I apologize to those seeking out commissions. Aside from other stuff, I've been working on the Tight Suit comic, and it's getting closer to being finished, and fully colored. After that is done I'll most likely send out some notes to those who were interested in the past, to see if you're still interested so we can get the ball rolling again. 
Heeey, just wanted to announce a new comic that I just started working on. Still gotta finish up the sketches, but I hope to get it completed sooner than later! I hope you guys love seeing a small petite woman becoming insanely massive in all the right places. :)
The 4th and final part of Overeaters guide is almost done! :dummy: 

Thanks to everyone who has been following the comic. I hope you all will enjoy the conclusion to the Rookie's voracious shenanigans c:
The 3rd part of Overeaters Guide will be out this week! It'll likely be more than 30 pages this time. Part 4 might be a lil ways off, at this time I dunno because at the moment it's looking a bit rough, sketch wise. So yeah, anyone looking forward to more Rookie, there's going to be a lot more of her coming soon :)
Update update: Sorry to everybody looking forward to the next part of OeGM The next part won't be ready for Sunday. It might be a mid week release instead. 

Thanks so much to everyone who has purchased the new comic I'm making, I hope you all are enjoying it, and are looking forward to the next part. :)

I've been pretty sick over the last couple days, dealing with infections and whatnot, hopefully this won't delay the next part, which I'm aiming to release on Sunday, but I don't know at this time. 

So yeah, Thanks again to everyone watching this page and purchasing the sequences! :D…

still laggy :B…

might be on for a little bit, just testing it out to see if my computer can handle it. 

Turns out my computer can handle it, but the stream is super slow, it came around 30+ minute lag time for anyone watching. 
BE Sequence Preview by berggie

Heres a preview of the first page. :)

Just an update showing something. April's ganna get massive.. again! This is a pure super massive BE sequence, just BE! I can't say how long it'll be exactly, but I have drawn out all the line work, so I'm just working on the color but there could be some redraws. I hope it'll be done fairly soon! This will be another for sale sequence that I will put up on payhip. 

Also just wanted to thank everyone who purchased the Belly Sequences! I really appreciate it, and I hope you enjoyed them. :D
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Alright, so I made a few sketches back in August, that I'm now readying for sale. I just need a good method of selling it. I'm thinking direct to PayPal, like a donation button? Set price given, then I send the sequence by email. But if I can't get that done easily, then that would be a lot of trouble, and risk of people not getting what they payed for. I'm also not all too enthused with using a distribution site, like Lulu.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I'm admitting defeat! D:

But seriously though. I can't keep going on, starting trades and never finishing them with all you awesome arteests. For obvious reasons, it's not fair, or fun, and very disappointing. Also I've been going through some uncomfortable times for past couple years, that has lead to consistent art blocks and I can feel it in my drawing hand, it's just not the same anymore. I've dropped in skill, and my ability to draw what I want to draw has shallowed. So here's what I'm ganna do, starting with canceling all trades and collab projects, except for my own personal things, like that one BE comic for monies, that I teased in the poll. And Nova Force, with :iconginbug: or just anything with Gin, because it's just fun to do, and he's always been a good guy to talk with over the years. But I am extremely sorry to all the others, I seriously haven't forgotten any of them (aside from a couple, maybe) :iconhigh-on-fairydust::iconmolotav::iconowlizard::iconamanardra::iconmilkybody::iconuddercompetence::iconbrunicus: 

Man, that's a lot of people. That's REALLY bad. And of course, that story contest I tried to do years ago, with 3 winners, who never received their prizes. I've felt bad about it for a while, not being able to do what I want to do, or show the appreciation that I have for all of the work you have produced. But I can't go on living like that, feeling bad about things that should be just for fun, or allowing drama from 'real life' seep into this one. So yeah, canceling trades, and future trades. I can't do that anymore. I do want to do gifts, though. No ambitious expectations, just having fun with draws. Like for :iconidolmonkeh: Seriously this guy has shown me a lot of kindness with his amazing art, and he just keeps drawing stuff, because it's fun and that's the way it should be. So I definitely wish to return kindness his way, and to others who have done the same. I don't know when that will be, though.  

I really hope I can get that BE sequence rolling, it's been a while since I've had funs with BE, beeeeg BE. 

But yeah, again, I'm sorry about this mess. umm here's some sketches?
Have a good one everybody c: 

Sorry to announce this hiatus! 

I don't know when I will be able to take on new commissions, but I will work to finish the accepted commissions in time. 

Hope everyone had a great holiday and new years :]
The poll is now active, thanks to everyone who submitted pics of their Femshep! feel free to tell your friends to vote for their favorites. :]

The Femsheps


:iconaliecia-lionheart: aliecia-lionheart.deviantart.c…





:iconhigh-on-fairydust: high-on-fairydust.deviantart.c…


Thu Feb 21, 2013, 3:40 PM

Hey, still drawin' out trade strips and shenanigans with Idolmonkeh. Took some time aside from that to do a short strip for my brah, Ginbug. Some gentle vorz, it was fun to paint c:

I got a tumblr now. probably ganna use it to show WIPs and too hawt for DA shtuf.

Got a new shenanigan pic, a sequel to Idol's

Mature Content

Shenanigans Part 2: Bump by IdolMonkeh
even beeegger <:

As well as some beeg trade expansions. A long awaited second page and sumthin new..

Brushes by yana-stock
Original mini gallery by thespook

Commissions are Closed

Wed Aug 8, 2012, 5:49 PM

Hey, I'm opening Commissions. I'm only doing character images. I was considering to open up simple animatics but decided to hold off on that until later perhaps.

Please Read

There will be 5 slots in total, some of which have been reserved. In order to reserve a slot, please send me a note listing exactly what you want, and when I can reply with an agreeable estimate, then the slot will be taken.

I require that the money be transferred first, then I will begin on the image.

Base Rates: (could be higher/lower depending on the detail, and context of the image.)

Non color, just line work drawings will be based at $20, with no BG. Single character.

One character Colored images will run at $40 with a simple toned background.

For Backgrounds and extra characters they will be an extra cost added.

You can make up to 2 orders at a time for a single slot.


1: :icontallgeese4us-2:

Other stuff:

I haven't forgotten about April's Q&A, and I am very eager to have the majority of your wonderful questions (seriously, awesome) answered. and if you have any new questions, go right ahead and keep them coming. I'll make an appropriate response sooner or later.

Also, going to do a Donation thing soon if I can get the short strip done for it. I hope it works out. All the money made by this and the commissions are solely for Schooling.

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Commissions mayhaps?

Mon Jul 30, 2012, 10:32 AM

Hey, just a heads up! I might open up to commissions again. But I probably won't be accepting Comics, just simple sequences and character drawings.

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Ginbug's Character Contest.

Sun Jun 24, 2012, 7:31 PM

Just reposting this to spread the news, my buddy :iconginbug: is doing a contest for Nova Force. The prize is your character ending up in their very own episode of Nova Force and an Illustration of the character from me.

This is Gin's universe so please be considerate of how it works if you wish to participate, and you'll have a better chance of winning. So have fun :]

"Rules: Any medium of art is accepted. So stories/drawings/poser/whatever you want.

Stories: Should be short, or if it's long it should be segmented into chapters. Since I am planning to do this as a vote it would be best not to take it too long, that way you have a better chance for more people to give it a good read. It does not *have* to take place during the same timeframe as the current Nova Force series, but I'd like that you write in the past, (in regards to where the story is taking place now) rather than the future.

I also ask that you remember the plot line of the Universe, try not to add anything new. No new aliens for this contest so try to keep it to humans, Neko, Marlek, Noras. It can take place in any sort of planet, be creative there as you wish. Just because there are not really any major wars doesn't mean it has to be a peaceful story, there are plenty of unsafe worlds. Especially for humans.

For drawing/poser/visual arts: There should probably be a bio of the character. How in depth you go is up to you, remember it's a contest so creativity goes a long way.

You can of course do both a story and an image. But I will limit each person to 1 submission in each category. Just to make sure everyones chances are basically equal.

For more specific questions just send me a note. I can give you info about the universe if you are iffy on something, but I cannot help you with plot ideas/character ideas.

Voting will be done at some time like a couple weeks from now. The vote will be as follows: Each person will submit their #1 choice, #2 choice, and #3 choice. You may vote for yourself, this system allows everyone to vote for themselves as well as still giving votes to others.

The contest will be called off if there are less than 10 entries."

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Original mini gallery by thespook

BE Sequence For Sale!!!

Tue Apr 10, 2012, 12:16 PM

Mature Content

BE Sequence For Sale by berggie

I decided I wanted to sell something, so I went with a simple BE sequence of April, being April, and growing big.

36 Frames (big/huge/wow) Bra snapping and Shirt ripping

First thing I've ever sold on lulu. And I'm not quite sure how the Revenue thing works tied with paypal. (if anyone could enlighten  I would be grateful) I'm getting phone calls about publishers and what not, and I'm just the simple fetishist looking to earn some change.

I've heard about some issues with the site processing orders, I don't know why that happens, but I can only assume lulu is slow sometimes? but it works.. eventually.

Anyways! It's only up on lulu for now, looking to the process for alternatives. I hope you enjoy it! and thank you for purchasing my first thingalindingbling.




Thanks a lot everyone! The reception to the sequence this first week was very positive, and I'm really glad you guys enjoyed it. It's definitely got me thinking for future projects.

For now the sequence is still just on Which is fine with me.

Thanks again, you guis r aweshum :]

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09 Discovery!

Mon Feb 13, 2012, 3:47 PM
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Original mini gallery by thespook